My Temple by Kristin Morgan

In March 2016, I finally qualified as a Chartered Accountant, after 5 years of intense studies and 3 years of gruelling articles (internship) at an international Big 4 company in Cape Town. All the while, dreaming of life on the other side.

Since obtaining my qualification, I found the courage to let go of this old dream and pursue new dreams. I vowed to live a life of my dreams, as I no longer had anyone else to blame but myself – no manager, no deadline – for not living a life that I loved.

I vowed to actively pursue my Self, my hobbies and create my best life, one day at a time, while passively trusting in the universe.

Fast forward and here I am, realigned with my higher path, living my dream life while traveling the world; and through My Temple, I hope to inspire others to realign, reconnect and manifest their own dreams, too.


When I’m not playing with (i.e. teaching) cute Vietnamese kids, I am practising yoga and meditation, journaling, reading, planning my next vaycay, smoking shisha, goofing around with Ry or sipping on a Coco-Loco (coconut filled with vodka) with friends.