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ubud bali coconut rice paddyAfter a morning yoga class at Serenity Eco Guesthouse & Yoga in Canggu, Bali, Ryan and I decided to attend the next class on the schedule, a Life Coaching Workshop, held by Rosa Winkel. I’ve always been intrigued by Life Coaching (I mean, come on, it’s called LIFE Coaching – how is that not intriguing!). So this workshop appeared as the perfect opportunity to see what it’s all about!

Rosa shared her personal story with us, which I really enjoyed. I could relate to many aspects of it, having changed career paths and currently living away from home, myself. I found a wonderful sense of comfort in her strength and courage to live the life of her dreams and see her radiate joy and authenticity because of it.

Rosa’s words served as a great reminder of the important things in life, no matter which point you are at on your journey.

Below I share some of Rosa’s key messages and expand on them with my own thoughts:

  • “Make as much silent space in your life.”

Here, she said to put your phone away and just spend time with yourself, doing whatever.

I love this, because this is key to getting to know and love yourself. I also love this because it’s not about doing any specific task (and thus feeling the pressure of it), but it’s about doing whatever the hell you want.

Too many of us do not take the time to just sit with ourselves, let alone listen to the voice in our hearts. And if we don’t even deem ourselves worthy enough to listen to, how can we expect anyone else to value us as worthy?

I started my own version of this ‘technique’,  committing to doing things I love for at least 15 minutes everyday. Because what better way to start living a life of my dreams?

So I started a morning ritual consisting of (#butfirst) coffee, journaling and reading, and then some yoga. And it has transformed my life – and is continually transforming my life! – in so many fulfilling ways.

I think the magic of this technique is that you create a relaxing space for yourself (without your phone!), and, guess what, inspiration comes when you are relaxed! Voila!

A super effective trick (that Ry came up with to use while meditating) is to set an alarm and put your phone on the other side of the house. So try it for even 15 minutes, and just be.

  • “Ask yourself questions constantly.”

This is another key to personal growth. Ask yourself questions of all types and sizes, and listen to that voice within. Trust the answers. All the answers are within.

What are my goals for the year? What does a day in my dream life look like? How can I start creating my dream day tomorrow? What do I really want for dinner? What am I truly trying to communicate by sending this text message? (Rosa’s example)

To live a life based in Truth, we need to listen to that voice within. We need to be honest with ourselves and know what we really want, in order to be able to communicate that and harmonise it with our actions. This creates a beautiful little cycle of Truth – from thoughts, to words, to actions. And this simple, little cycle is what it takes to live a fulfilling life.

If we don’t start from Truth, we cannot communicate Truth, and it can’t end in Truth.

  • “You need to fill your own cup until it overflows. Because only once it overflows, can you share that love with others. Individual happiness is your responsibility. “

In this beautiful world of duality, the universe needs us to be selfish and fill our own cups first, in order to be able to overflow and selflessly serve the universe.

The key to self-love is realising its universal importance. Take total responsibility for your own individual life and happiness and watch the magic happen, baby!

So go forth and filleth thy cup ’till it runneth over!


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