Yoga classes in Vietnam

Being a yoga fanatic, I went on a frantic Google search for yoga classes every time I ended up in a new city in Vietnam. This search would last for hours, sometimes days. Naturally, I thought I’d compile a list of yoga classes around Vietnam to save my fellow yoga fanatics the effort:

[ Side note: I did not do extensive research on the main cities of HCMC and Hanoi (see links) as I figured that yoga class info is easy enough to obtain if you live there. I therefore focused on my smaller town peeps. ]

Yoga Classes:

Resorts that have Yoga:

Yoga Centres:

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Disclaimer: I have not attended any of these classes, besides CYFC (read all about my first yoga class in Vietnam experience here). So please share with us the best yoga class in your city!

2 thoughts on “Yoga classes in Vietnam

  1. Thanks for compiling, so glad to have found it! We landed in Vietnam two weeks ago and have been hanging out at Nomad Yoga in Hoi An…reluctant to leave! But eager to try the other places on your list! The one on Dalat sounds great – that’s where we’re headed next – yay flowers! We went to The Field in Hoi An and it’s a restaurant though? Is there more than one place with this name? I’d love to try out another studio before we leave!

    1. Hey Sara, so happy this was useful to you 🙂

      The Field is supposed to be a combined restaurant and yoga studio, but seems not so anymore – sorry about that!
      Thanks for letting me know, I have removed it from the list.

      Hope the rest of your trip was amazing and that you managed to squeeze in another studio!


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