Visual Travel Diary: Bali’s heavenly food

I was mesmerised from the moment I stepped off the plane. With its beautiful beaches, lush green rice paddies, sleepy fisherman’s villages, volcanoes rising up to the sky and majestic waterfalls, it seems Bali has it all. Top that with the tropical island lifestyle and food, and I think I’ve found heaven.

Between sightseeing, hiking, yoga, surfing, and diving, there is so much to experience. We had initially planned to explore other Indonesian islands as well, within our 3 weeks, but Bali got us hooked.

It was no surprise to find out that Bali is called Island of the Gods. And as such, its food can very fittingly be called Food for the Gods.

Bali’s food was just unbelievable, wholesome goodness. I didn’t know organic and vegan food could be that flavourful and fun! Between experiencing both Bali and India’s delicious vegetarian food, our faith in the vegetarian world has been restored, and Ryan and I decided to go vegetarian upon returning to Vietnam after our holiday. For me, it’s simply because of how not eating meat makes me feel – I have way more energy and never feel sluggish.

Let’s get to it. Here are a few of my Bali food snaps:

First stop, the Surfers’ hub of Canggu:

I’m clearly undergoing food hypnosis

After eating a strict vegetarian diet in India for an entire month, while studying yoga, this was my first beef burger. It was so divine, the saucy caramelised onion had me licking my fingers, and exclaiming “it’s the best burger I’ve ever had!” to which Ryan replied, “you always say that.” Anyhow. I went back to Livingstone Bakery the very next day to devour it all over again!

My smile don’t lie

I will never forget the taste of my first charcoal bun! It was insanely delish, warm and freshly baked, with a fluffy but firm, perfect texture. This popular Tricken Schitzel Burger from Pelotan Supershop was one of our first vegan burgers and it didn’t disappoint! This vegan spot is a must do in Canggu.

Next stop, the Yogis’ hub of Ubud:

We then journeyed out to Ubud, Bali for the last 2 weeks of our trip. Ubud is world-renown for its yoga, and with that prestigious title comes the most delicious healthy meals! Ubud means “medicine” in Sanskrit, as it was once a center for medicating the body & soul. I mean, how beautiful can you get?

In search of my next charcoal bun, I came across Bali Buda’s burger. That evening, they only had one charcoal bun left and Ryan and I fought it out for it (I won, with my birthday week rites). The bun itself was not as fresh and well-textured as the first one, but the rest of the burger, sweet potato fries and homemade sauce made up for it. However, the blue-green Spirulao super health drink (below) was the one who stole my heart – the spirulina, honey, soy milk and organic raw cacao was a combination to die for!

I’m salivating RN just thinkin bout ya
Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, ERBODY!

My 28th birthday was my first birthday in ten years that I didn’t celebrate with alcohol. After studying yoga in Rishikesh, a holy village in India where alcohol is not permitted, I felt really good without alcohol and decided to continue to remain sober. So instead of waking up with my usual birthday hangover, I woke up with a super healthy Wheatgrass shot. It was not a pleasant taste, it had a very sharp and potent grassy sting. Take it to the head, girl!

Ry’s vegan Poke Poke bowl and my fried chicken butter curry

Mudra Café is a must do in Ubud! We were thoroughly impressed with how they’ve absolutely killed the Bali food game – from the décor to the menu serving ayurvedic island food to their slogan of ‘Devour Nowness’. This pictured here is their fried chicken butter curry. Enough said.

Alice, a friend I studied yoga with, and I dug into these yummy breakfast bowls at Yoga Barn after our first ah-mazing Kundalini class. Btw, follow Alice, @the_veganwanderer, for more superb vegan food! Alice had the Flax Oat porridge with cinnamon and banana, and I had Bubur Injin, traditional black rice pudding with coconut milk. Yum.

After attending a yoga class at Taksu, we stumbled upon their (cheap!) scrumptious buffet breakfast in the tranquil Garden Cafe. It was hands down the best I’ve ever had. My favs were the fluffy banana pancakes (and the rest of the bakery selection), detox juice, veg spring rolls and other traditional delicacies. We went back a few times! Definitely a hidden gem. Pictured below is my first starfish fruit I ever tried, kindly offered to us by the chef himself.

I must admit, I didn’t even know such a fruit existed!

Bali, you’ve sure got me hypnotised. Until we meet again, I’ll be dreaming about you <3

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